Natalie Schibell


From the classrooms of The George Washington University and New York Medical College to the prestigious kitchens of The Culinary Institute of America, Natalie has dedicated nearly a decade to accredited collegiate learning and continuing education in the disciplines of exercise science, culinary arts, and public health. Her endless pursuit of knowledge, professional credentialing, and expertise allows her to offer the very best in guidance and services to her clients and to the public.

As a personal trainer, chef, and public health professional, Natalie understands the synergy between food, fitness, and environmental health, helping clients make healthy transitions from the gym to the table. Natalie will translate the heath advice of your medical practitioner into a customized plan that is most suitable for you. She will provide an education in the basic concepts of nutrition and the coaching to allow goals for improved body composition come to fruition, collaborating with your provider to assist with medical conditions, if any.

Having successfully endured the rigors of competitive athletics and military training, she knows there are no substitutes for the initiative and continued commitment required to accomplish any health and fitness goal. Natalie does not advocate fad diets, quick fixes, or unproven supplements/products. She is neither a personal chef nor a personal shopper. She instead instills in her clients the knowledge, discipline, time management, and organizational skills to enable them to make the necessary lifestyle changes for long-term success.

Natalie also practices what she preaches! Her lifelong devotedness to health and fitness is evidenced by her professional work and publications, athletic accomplishments, volunteer contributions, and appearance. She remains committed to the task of empowering her clients and the public to employ healthier lifestyles…one workout and meal at a time, so that they may experience the benefits of improved health and wellness now and always.

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