Natalie Schibell


Growing up in an Italian-American family, Natalie’s passion for food and cooking began at a young age. She was strongly influenced by her grandfather, an avid gardener, who produced heirloom tomatoes, Israeli basil, green beans, squashes, and lettuces from his legendary home garden in Long Branch, NJ. Her Nana’s irresistible thin-crusted pizzas, hearty soups, and scrumptious zeppole developed her palette and a fondness for Neapolitan cuisine. At the age of thirteen, Natalie began baking. Over the years, herlatticed pies, decadent cakes, and souffles became regular favorites around the holidays and special occasions.

Following her college graduation, an inspirational trip to the Hills of Tuscany sparked Natalie’s culinary curiosity. While exploring the food and wine of the region, her fascination with a spectacular ten course meal initiated by the celebrated Italian vintor, Gianfranco Soldera, beckoned her to the kitchen, ultimately influencing a career change. Immediately upon her return home, she began cooking her way through The Culinary Institute of America’s acclaimed text, The Professional Chef. It wasn’t long before her passion became her profession. With a desire to fully immerse herself into the craft, Natalie completed an apprenticeship under the tutelage of Chef de Cuisine, John Ciccilinni of Rigoletto Trattoria in Middletown, NJ. Shortly thereafter, she left home and her administrative desk job to study at The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY where she received her Associate in Occupational Studies degree in Culinary Arts, graduating with honors. Upon graduation she founded The Chef N’ You LLC, providing personal chef services, private cooking classes, and culinary demonstrations to the public.

Although Natalie favors regional Italian cuisine, her cooking reflects an overall passion for food that embraces culinary influences from all around the globe. As a proponent for healthy alternatives, she specializes in engaging the palette while reducing unnecessary calories and ingredients that are void of essential nutrients.

Natalie uses organics and whole grains whenever and wherever possible and advocates the use of poultry, pork, and beef that has been raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics. She champions local, seasonal, sustainable farming practices that respect both our animals and the environment. She is an enthusiastic proponet for reducing food-related exposures to pesticides, phthalates, food additives, and preservatives, especially among children. Natalie is fully committed to reducing the prevalence of foodborne illness caused by unsafe food handling practices throughout the agricultural and food industries as well as in homes all across America.

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