Natalie Schibell


Spice up any event by letting a talented chef and public health professional teach your attendees how to prepare nutritious, irresistibly delicious meals using professional culinary techniques and quality, healthy ingredients! Broaden the culinary horizons of your guests by enlightening them to cuisines from around the world and the benefits of local, seasonal, drug-free, and preservative-free ingredients! The enticing aromas and flavors of nutritional cooking along with Natalie’s knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm is sure to dazzle and empower your guests, leaving them with a positive, lasting impression. Cooking demonstrations can be performed virtually anywhere and can be customized to your number of guests and event needs. Natalie’s cooking demonstrations are perfect for grand openings, food conferences and symposiums, health fairs, and holiday parties.

• Each cooking demonstration lasts approximately 1 hr
• Each demonstration includes a generous sample of the featured dish along with a printed recipe, including instructions, for guests to take home
• Natalie welcomes attendees to ask questions throughout the cooking demonstration and immediately following its conclusion
• Reservations are required at least 2 weeks in advance
• Please click on “Book Natalie” to provide more information about your special event and you will be contacted shortly

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