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The design, implementation, and monitoring of sound, balanced weight management programs to help individuals achieve goals for a healthy body composition through proper nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle change. A special emphasis is placed on behavior modification to support adequate levels of nutritional intake and physical activity on a daily basis. As a certified Health Coach, professional chef, and fitness expert, Natalie identifies and explains barriers to change, helping individuals comprehend the symbiotic relationship between exercise and nutrition. As a public health professional, Natalie has the ability to recognize and addresses a wide range of health issues and devise appropriate solutions to facilitate the lifestyle change needed to achieve realistic goals for a healthy weight, improved body composition, increased level of physical activity, and enhanced sports performance. Natalie’s clients benefit from the following services:

Natalie uses four parameters of nutrition assessment completed in a clinical setting including (1) an assessment of anthropometrics (weight, height, weight-to-height ratio, body mass index (BMI) and body fat percentage; (2) dietary assessment, (3) a physical examination with a medical history; (4) biochemical exams or blood/urine tests as needed.* Based on the above data, Natalie will identify risk factors for chronic disease and discusses their prevention, making referrals to appropriate medical and mental health practitioner(s) as needed. She will then determine your caloric needs and daily recommended intakes (DRIs) in accordance with American Dietetic Association (ADA) guidelines. Natalie will assess anthropometrics and body fat percentage on a weekly basis to monitor and record progress. Whether you are a college student, a new mom, an elite athlete, or anyone in between, Natalie will help you establish specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely goals for achieving a healthy weight and improving body composition.

A comprehensive evaluation of food intake through dietary recalls. Natalie has created an innovative, convenient method for documenting food and beverage consumption and nutrient intake over a 24-hour period to assess what types of foods are being consumed. The assessments are used to help identify nutritional weaknesses, spotting where poor food choices are being made. Natalie then suggests appropriate diet modifications, cooking techniques, and time management skills to promote healthy, improved eating to achieve your established goals. Dietary recalls will be completed on a weekly basis or as needed to ensure you remain on a path to success.


Interpretation of the newest food guidelines to help clients understand what “healthy” eating means. You will learn basic concepts in nutrition that will enable you to understand your nutritional needs and establish a healthy, well-balanced diet. More specifically, you will learn how to calculate body mass index (BMI), basal metabolic rate (BMR), and estimated caloric intake. You will also learn how to read and interpret food labels, achieve portion control, and make healthy food selections when dining out or preparing meals at home. Natalie will improve your awareness for nutrition-related diseases and their prevention, providing you with the knowledge and empowerment to employ proper eating habits for long term weight management and overall health and wellness.
*Physical and biochemical exams are conducted by a board certified, CT licensed chiropractic physician.

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